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  • Eco grip. Divine grip is eco-friendly; technology of the production is waste less.


  • Divine grip is not chemical but cosmetic product.


  • Divine grip has been tested by The National Institute of Public Health thus it is absolutely harmless to your health.


  • Pole grip. Divine grip is suitable for pole dancers of all levels. It helps you enough when you try your first pole dance moves as well as during practicing really challenging choreography.


  • Divine grip is not made on the basis of wax therefore makes your hands dry and not sticky which enable both stable grip and rotation for spins.


  • Divine grip can be used for various sports for instance pole dance, gymnastics, mountaineering, shooting sports, golf.


  • Divine grip belongs to group of magnesium which has a long tradition of using in sports and besides it is in a liquid form which is more comfortable than powdery one.


  • Divine grip is produced in the Czech Republic in the EU by company which respects fair working conditions.  


  • Divine grip is made of raw materials which all come from the EU.


  • Vegan grip. Divine grip is vegan-friendly (not tested on animals and all the ingredients are vegan).

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